Who we are? DIAMOND STONE 

DIAMOND STONE is an Egyptian Firm working marble production and granite and it’s considered one of the fast growing companies with its own factory.
Experts are our core business, who ranked us in a very short time as one of the best companies in the country. Most of our staff members are with a range of experience between 8 and 20 years working in this field.

Our Vision

DIAMOND STONE aims to expand rigorously in the international markets to expand the clients’ usage of Marble and Granite not only in Egypt, but to the World in large. 

DIAMOND STONE established a Factory with all required Marble and Granite Treatment machinery that can hold up to 200 workers.

 DIAMOND STONE Average Monthly sales is not less than 25000 m2

Exporting Process

Receiving rate request from the customer.
Find the best rate which match customer request and send to the customer to get his feedback.
If the rate ok with the customer, he send to shipping order.
Once we received shipping order we do shipping declaration.
We send the shipping declaration to the shipping line to have the booking number and booking confirmation.
After we have the confirmation from the shipping line we start our handling process:
Sent the confirmation to our customs clearance team to withdrawal the container.
Customer sent to us packing and invoice to do shipping instruction.
Get copy from the BL to revise it.
Get the original and sent to the customer.
Sent to the customer all the documents which related to his shipments.
 DIAMOND STONE also have the capability to manufacture the stone according to the customer's specifications. This enables us to cater for the large range of preferences requested by our buyers from various countries and nationalities. The overwhelming spectrum of multicolored hues definitely entices a wide variety of buyer.
​ Our main customers are the people who work with various stone or just simply love the world of stoneware.
 Therefore people within the building and construction industry, factories, merchants, importers & exporters, architects, executing engineers, decorative engineers, antique lovers, collectors and also the end-customer who wants to add style, quality, and value to his home by adding marble or granite.

DIAMOND STONE can offer a wide variety of stoneware products for a multitude of purposes.  Whilst we are mainly dealing with Marble and Granite products, both Egyptian and International, we also offer a range of colors of Onyx, Travertine, Quartz, Hashma and Alabaster.  We can custom make any design given the appropriate dimensions and our expert designers and engineers can recommend which stone would be most suitable for each project.

 Included in our extensive product list is a range of designs for kitchens counters, bathroom items, indoor and outdoor flooring, stairways and balustrades, fireplaces and columns and we can also manufacture any product according to the buyer's intentions and the needs of the project.
Summary of diamond stone
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Our Egyptian Marble and Granite factories are premium suppliers of Marble, Granite and natural Egyptian Stone across the globe.
We pride ourselves on being renowned as one of the finest Marble and Granite companies in Egypt today.
A diverse mixture of colours and unrivalled durability is what Egyptian Marble, Egyptian Granite and Egyptian Natural Stone are famous for.
The Marble, Granite and Egyptian Stone Suppliers Minefield.
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​ Egypt, the finest Granite & Marble Company in Egypt makes it easy. Customers simply visit our website at http://www.diamond-stone.com. and the process is simple. 
Egypt Marble
Marble from diamond stone
Our Egyptian Marble factory supplies:-
Egyptian Marble Flooring - Marble Floor Design in Egyptian Marble and Marble Tiles, Egyptian Marble Tiles 
Sinai Pearl Tumbled Marble, Travertine Marble, Egyptian Polished Marble, Marble Countertops, Egyptian Marble Sheets, Egyptian Tumbled Marble, Polished Tumbled Marble, Galala Marble, Galala Beige Marble, Sunny Marble, Triesta Marble, Cream Egyptian Marble and Marble Granite Tiles Polished Marble from Egypt is one of our most sought-after products. 
Egypt Granite
Granite from  diamond stone Egypt
Our Egyptian Granite factory supplies:-
Egyptian Granite, Granite Flooring, Granite Tiles and Granite Floor Tiles. Granite Tile Countertops, Granite Backsplash, Egyptian Granite favorite floor tiles, Granite that looks like Marble. 
Giallo Special, yellow Granite from Egypt. 
Gazel Valley Yellow, yellow Granite from Egypt.
Egyptian Stoneware from diamond stone
Egyptian natural stones bring a warm look and finish to all manner of applications.
We specialize in Egyptian Stoneware, natural Egyptian Stone for Stone Flooring, Natural Stone Tiles, Sinai Marble & Stone
Limestone from Egypt - Tumbled Limestone, Egyptian Limestone Tiles, Egyptian Limestone Slabs, Egyptian Limestone Flooring, And Egyptian Limestone Tumbled Surface & Edge.
Galala, a Limestone from Egypt 
Galala Beige, a beige Limestone from Egypt 
GialloAtlantide, a yellow Limestone from Egypt 
Giallo Cleopatra, a yellow Limestone from Egypt

  • Phone:
    002 - 01006689902

  • Address:
    Building 10 C Ahmed Abdel Aziz St., next to the street of the aid-Maadi-Cairo-Egypt

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